35 Years and Counting: How Is Arbonne Growing?

Arbonne is a Swiss company that was started in 1975 by founder Petter Morck and was introduced in the Unites States in 1980. Arbonne’s product lines include health and beauty products for men and women that are developed by a leading group of bio-chemists and herbalists to create ethically developed products that are of superior quality and value.”¬†¬†Canada Drugs Direct


Arbonne provides products that are pure, safe and beneficial without having to be tested on animals and only using the highest quality ingredients.

Pure: There are not artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or animal bi-products. The skin care products do not contain mineral oils, petroleum products, formaldehyde preservatives, or PABA.

Arbonne commits themselves to products that are not harmful to the user, nor are they tested on animals. All products are herbal created based upon scientific discovery of herbs biological properties and benefits.

Safe: When reviewing Arbonne’s ingredient policy and the list of organizations that their products adhere to, it is a dyslexic person’s nightmare. I have problems with dyslexia so I know what I am talking about. Seriously, Arbonne not only ensures that their products pass the United State’s Food and Drug Administration’s strict guidelines, they also follow Health Canada, the Personal Care Products Counsel, the Cosmetics Internal Review, the Theraputic Goods Administration two of the highest standards for cosmetics, the European Chemical Agency – REACH (registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals) and SCCNFP (European Commissions Scientific Committee on Cosmetic and Non-Food Products)

Beneficial: With the extensively high-quality ingredients and consumer clinical testing, there are many documented cases on product performance. My own mother and sister used the products and were very happy with their personal results.

Arbonne products are available for sale through their distributors. Arbonne’s business model is direct sales or through network marketing. Distributors build large networks of distributors through what is called their downline – distributors that they are part of their network.

Similar to a traditional corporation where there is a CEO, Vice Presidents of Sales (wholesale, retail, non-profit for example), Directors of Sales (Europe, US, Canada, Asian Countries, etc) within each division, Sales Managers with in each territory further broken down into territories, then of course your inside and outside sales teams. Here is a visual to cut to the chase:

As with any organization, traditional or direct, there are layers and the most important part of any organization is the foundation. The people that you recruit to your organization build your foundation so recruit wisely. Ensure that the people you are recruiting are going to fit into your organization! If you have chosen wisely and are in a reputable company with a strong foundation, excellent leadership and proper ethics, your organization is only as strong as the foundation you make so choose well.

And for those being recruited, be recruited wisely. Only work with a company that has a firm foundation – strong and reliable leadership, a roadmap for how the company will continue to prosper in the future and only be recruited into the best teams. I am not saying necessarily with the person at the top of the team as they are going to be focused on the top 10 in the team. You must join with someone who you have similar vision and goals, who is in an excelling team with systems in place to help you get up and running quickly.