Attracting Abundance With Emotional Freedom Techniques

We all want more abundance in our lives right? More time, money, friends, opportunities, love and so on. Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT is an ideal tool to help you activate the Law of Attraction and bring more abundance into your life. EFT is a meridian based therapy that requires tapping on various points on the face and body to “un-do” the kinks or blocks brought on by stress, negative beliefs or traumatic memories. When EFT is applied to limiting beliefs around money, relationships or health issues, it can quite literally change your life and your experience of it.

It’s Your Vibration That Matters¬† ¬†meridian cc canvas

If you’ve been practicing the Law of Attraction and had poor results, it may be that you have some limiting beliefs or negative emotions that are blocking you from acquiring your desire. With the Law of Attraction, it’s not what you say to the universe but the vibration that you send with it. So, if you are affirming that you would like to attract a new car but your belief that you can is at a zero, you won’t get very far and will wind up frustrated. This is where EFT comes in. When you tap on the negative beliefs and emotions that come up around attracting a new car, the signal that you send to the universe about your desire becomes stronger and stronger. Then, your chances of attracting the new car become much higher.

Letting Go of Attachment

One of the key steps in using the Law of Attraction is letting go of your attachment to the thing that you desire. It sounds strange to those who are new to the Law of Attraction but when you can live happily without whatever it is that you want then you have upped your chances of having it. If you’ve ever wanted to feed pigeons in a park then you know what I mean. Imagine going into a park and running after every pigeon you see with your bread crumbs. Even if they’re hungry and want to come to you they won’t because you are chasing them. Now, if you sit down and relax and begin throwing the bread crumbs out there and enjoy a beautiful sun shiny day, then all of a sudden the pigeons come to you. The Law of Attraction is like that too. If you are grasping for the thing that you want, you’ll have a harder time attracting it. But, “not grasping” is sometimes a hard thing to do. With EFT, you’ll be able to neutralize your attachment to whatever you want and achieve a state of peace and balance no matter what is going on in your life and be much more likely to attract the thing that you want.

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