Attracting Abundance With Emotional Freedom Techniques

We all want more abundance in our lives right? More time, money, friends, opportunities, love and so on. Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT is an ideal tool to help you activate the Law of Attraction and bring more abundance into your life. EFT is a meridian based therapy that requires tapping on various points on the face and body to “un-do” the kinks or blocks brought on by stress, negative beliefs or traumatic memories. When EFT is applied to limiting beliefs around money, relationships or health issues, it can quite literally change your life and your experience of it.

It’s Your Vibration That Matters   meridian cc canvas

If you’ve been practicing the Law of Attraction and had poor results, it may be that you have some limiting beliefs or negative emotions that are blocking you from acquiring your desire. With the Law of Attraction, it’s not what you say to the universe but the vibration that you send with it. So, if you are affirming that you would like to attract a new car but your belief that you can is at a zero, you won’t get very far and will wind up frustrated. This is where EFT comes in. When you tap on the negative beliefs and emotions that come up around attracting a new car, the signal that you send to the universe about your desire becomes stronger and stronger. Then, your chances of attracting the new car become much higher.

Letting Go of Attachment

One of the key steps in using the Law of Attraction is letting go of your attachment to the thing that you desire. It sounds strange to those who are new to the Law of Attraction but when you can live happily without whatever it is that you want then you have upped your chances of having it. If you’ve ever wanted to feed pigeons in a park then you know what I mean. Imagine going into a park and running after every pigeon you see with your bread crumbs. Even if they’re hungry and want to come to you they won’t because you are chasing them. Now, if you sit down and relax and begin throwing the bread crumbs out there and enjoy a beautiful sun shiny day, then all of a sudden the pigeons come to you. The Law of Attraction is like that too. If you are grasping for the thing that you want, you’ll have a harder time attracting it. But, “not grasping” is sometimes a hard thing to do. With EFT, you’ll be able to neutralize your attachment to whatever you want and achieve a state of peace and balance no matter what is going on in your life and be much more likely to attract the thing that you want.

To learn more about EFT from Master Practitioner Carol Look and to find out how you can attract more prosperity and abundance into your life, check out Attracting Abundance with EFT []. Enjoy either the paperback book or downloadable ebook with MP3 audios. Not only will you learn how to use EFT, you’ll learn abundance games, about the power of the Law of Attraction and tips to help you magnetize success.


Gucci Watches – High Style and Functionality

People should attempt to possess just one high-end branded ornament at least once in their lifetime. Gucci watches lend themselves to a super acquisition because they are famous for their supremacy in accessories. For people who are aware of what is going on the world of brands, this designer label is recognized for its ladies purses, shoes, shades belts and even dresses. Billige ure til mænd

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At the core of its being, what we have here is exclusive luxury goods that are for the sole purpose of adding elegance and sophistication. Unfortunately, the reality is this is a niche brand and not everyone can pay for this sort of expensive commodity, certainly not given recent economically rough environment. Yet, despite that thought, there are some who want to live it up perpetually and enjoy being able to purchase a worthwhile product. It is the patronage received from their loyalists that allow these exclusive brands to make a profit.

This particular brand in question gives the wearer a sense of traditional quality, elegance and novelty. Any true connoisseur will see that the contours of such a watch are invariably precise, unanimously attractive, and chiefly targeting the urbane and the active and yuppie sort of person. Integrating quartz precision to keep the time, the watches are mainly manufactured in Swiss, come with at least a year warranty and for the most part are resistant to water.

The latest 2010 Spring Summer men’s collection sports a breezy, yet masculine, array complete with real leather bands. Imprinted, of course, with this brand name’s ever popular trademark signage. While the rich and famous have the least amount of interest about the background of this brand, what is more interesting about this brand is how it started out and who owns it today.

Gucci has its roots and is known as an Italian fashion brand, but it is controlled by a French company. The founder of this brand had the imagination and vision way back in 1947 to introduce purses for women fitted with bamboo handles. And they are very much in vogue around the world right up till today! Throughout modern history and soon after its establishment, this brand has taken pleasure in being associated with some of the biggest names in the world.

The reason they are so good is because extra care and detailed concentration is required when making the famous dials of these watches. Other factors that make it ultra luxurious is the use of diamonds and their exclusive finish. Watches for the males turn out to be masculine, huge and stout; the women watches are delicate, sparkly and lovely.

Their superiority comes to the fore when one reviews their colors: not too loud, just simple. Their double G logo is the initials of the creator of the brand, an Italian who only knew perfection. While these are not precise, they can cost anything in the range from USD $800 to around USD $5,000 (or more!).


Pest Control and Rodents – Keep Rodents Away Permanently

Difficulties with pest control and mice will occur for most homes at some point in time. While it is possible to deal with mice on your own it can save time and money by hiring a professional. Mice tend to be problem when the weather starts to get cold and the rodents look for a nice warm place to spend the winter. Many times this warm place will be somewhere in your home. Mice Exterminator

Most homeowners will use mouse traps to get rid of mice. However mouse traps do not do anything to stop the mice from getting into your home in the first place. To completely eliminate mice it is necessary to get rid of any mice in your home and stop them from entering in the first place.

A professional will know exactly where to begin looking for mice. They have experience at the areas that mice can access a home, many times the homeowner will not be aware of these access points.

Besides finding any weak spots a professional will know the best way to seal them so the mice cannot gain access anymore. Not all openings can be fixed with nails and wood. Some will require spray foam, escutcheon rings or steel wool.

Besides eliminating mice a professional can spray around the home. This spray will repel mice as they hate the smell and will avoid your home at all costs. Other products besides toxic chemicals will repel mice. Baking soda and peppermint oil are natural products that mice will avoid at all costs.

If you are attempting to deal with your mice problems yourself and not having any success a professional can help. Most homeowners find that they would have spent less money by hiring a professional in the first place. In the long run the cost is less as well as a homeowner may not be able to prevent damage and can even cause additional damage by using the wrong treatments and equipment.

Joana’s 1-70 Horde Leveling Guide For World of Warcraft!

I honestly admit, Joana’s Horde leveling guide, a World of Warcraft leveling guide, is the first guide I used to level my first character from 1-70 in the World of Warcraft, a troll priest on the Coilfang server. Before I purchased Joana’s guide, I had already leveled a 40 gnome rogue, which I couldn’t progress on, because I had no idea what to do or where to go. So I made another character, a dwarf hunter, which I was able to level up to 48, but I was stuck again. I got frustrated and created a gnome mage. I would only get up to level 36 before deciding World of Warcraft was too hard, or so I thought. I left the game for a month, and when I got one of my friend’s interested, we decided to play again. This time, however, I would be going Horde. I had heard of guides, but never used them, so I decided to do some research. This is how I found out about Joana’s Horde guide.


We started right away. I purchased Joana’s leveling guide, and started my troll priest. My friends were a warlock (who already had 2 70s), and a mage (who had never played before). I immediately sped ahead of them, playing around the same hours, using Joana’s guide. I knew exactly where to go, and using the guide, I beat my warlock friend to 70 by almost 2 weeks (keep in mind, he had already leveled 2 characters from 1-70! My mage friend achieved level 70 a little bit later, probably a month after I leveled, due to his inexperience. As you can see, I wiped away the competition!

Joana’s guide is one of the best World of Warcraft leveling guides to date. It provides excellent, detailed, step by step information on exactly where to go, using an in game coordinate system. It lists every single quest, in order, that you need to accept to get from 1-70 in minimal time. Joana includes tips, tricks, and methods of exactly how he got the record leveling time. Also included are full-length videos of every moment of Joana’s astounding, 1-70 leveling experience.

Whether you’re new to the World of Warcraft, and seem to have some trouble leveling; or you’re an avid, experienced player, looking for a faster way to 70, I sincerely believe that Joana’s Guide could be a great addition to your leveling experience 1-70!


How Blockchain Technology Is Making the World Better?

Blockchain technology can help immensely in banks, insurance, health and pharmaceutical industry, supply chain of many sectors (agribusiness, luxury, international trade, distribution, wines, aeronautics, and automobile), music industry, energy, and real estate. Blockchains have the potential to replace most of the centralized “trusted third parties” including banking trades, notaries, land registry, etc. by distributed computer systems. Read more

1. Medicines / Pharmacy

Blockchain technology can be used to improve drug integrity. If drugs can be clearly identified and tracked from production to consumption, it could save up to one million lives each year. Because DHL is already working with Accenture to establish a track-and-trace serialization system based on blockchain technology.

“At the moment, there are already more than 7 billion unique pharmaceutical serial numbers in the system. In addition, the system can now handle more than 1,500 transactions per second,” said Scott Allison, DHL’s President, Healthcare.

Allison has not only the capacity of the system in mind. For example, track-and-trace serialization should reduce costs, increase security and confidence, and eliminate error-prone data movement. The technology can add additional verified information to the element, which cannot be manipulated. The validation is carried out by all participants.


2. Fashion / Fashion
The CGS project allows consumers to track the entire lifecycle of a garment. This brings together companies from the fashion, apparel and consumer goods sectors to work together. With this solution, consumers no longer need to rely blindly on the value in sustainability fashion. Blockchain technology allows tracking of sustainability and conformity of the garment

3. Cross-border payments
In developing and underdeveloped countries, access to capital for small food producers is often a big problem. Binkabi is a cross-border agricultural trading platform that is breaking new ground with the help of a block bridge solution from Sweet bridge. Thus, a system for fair commodity trading is to be developed.

A blockchain banking solution has recently been announced by IBM. This is intended to make international payments faster and more cost-effective.

4. Food safety
In the area of food safety, IBM is working with food manufacturers Dole, Nestlé, and Walmart. Thus, the data of breeders, suppliers, processors, traders, retailers not only to all parties involved but also to the supervisory authorities and consumers are available. So every transaction can be traced and all information about the food can be viewed. With all members of the food system having access to the blockchain, contaminated food can be quickly removed from the production and supply chain before it reaches the shelf.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) “tracks” fish and seafood using blockchain technology. In this project, the technology should help in the fight against illegal fishing. However, full traceability of fish and seafood is also of interest to fish wholesalers and fish retailers, as they want to prevent their products or brands from being associated with illegal activities.


5. Humanitarian Crises
Blockchain technology is not just used by companies. The United Nations currently uses blockchain technology in 16 areas, including:

· World Food Program (Refugee Aid)

· Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (donor financing, safeguarding, and monitoring of supply chains)

In addition, it is currently being investigated how blockchain technology can be used to tackle current problems, such as child trafficking, according to Mahrinah von Schlegel, Managing Director of Nonprofit Embassy 2.0.

As part of the public-private partnership ID2020, Microsoft and Accenture have announced a partnership. The goal is to give 1.1 billion people a legal form of identity and identification using blockchain technology.

6. Jewelry
In collaboration with Everledger, the jewelry company Brilliant Earth intends to use blockchain technology to accurately track the origins of diamonds and other gems. This ensures that only conflict-free stones are processed.


How to Get 2000 Kwh Per Month Using Solar Panels

You can calculate the size of the solar system and the number of necessary solar panels using a not so complicated algorithm. The numbers you have to put in the equation are your monthly electricity usage, the number of peak sun hours per day, and the power of a solar panel. top rated solar panel installers in Franklin

Calculating the solar system size for a 2000 kwh energy usage

To exemplify, let’s start by assuming you need a solar panel system that can generate 2000 kwh per month. From the beginning, you should know that 2000 kwh per month is a quite a lot of energy, and you would need an impressive solar system to provide it. Although we use this number just for the sake of the exemplification, in case you do consume 2000 kwh per month, our advice would be to take some energy reduction measures and to remain connected to the electricity grid, just in case the solar system cannot keep up with the demand.

Now, you have to find out for how many hours per day your system will be able to produce enough electricity for your needs. The panels produce energy only when the sun is up in the sky, and it shines directly on them. At night, the panels do not produce anything. In the morning and in the evenings, when the sun is weak, the energy production is also insufficient. Depending on the area where you live, there might be 4-6 hours of peak sunlight every day, when the system will produce the necessary electricity, and sometimes even more than you need.

If you want to have 2000 kwh per month, it means you have to produce 2000/30 kwh every day, that is 66.66 kwh per day. Considering there are 4 hours of peak sun every day in your area, the solar system will have to produce 66.66/4 = 16.66 kwh per hour, and that means 16660 in watts. Now, different types of panels produce more or less energy watts. If you opt for one that produces 150 watts, then you will need about 111 solar panels. Yes, that is a lot.

To approximate the necessary space for such a solar system, you have to know that, in order to generate 2000 kwh per month, you need a system of 24.8 kwp (kilowatt peak). Every 1 kwp needs about 100 s.f. of space.


Building Raised Garden Beds and 8 Things to Consider

1. Consider if your garden will be in the preferred location. Locations will need to provide plenty of sunshine for your plants! Track the sun at a variety of areas noting where the sunlight shines upon your yard shedding a minimum of 6 hours direct sun. Without sufficient sunlight, your plants will be wither before your eyes.

2. Have your water source close the garden beds. Raised bed will be easier to maintain, but to avoid excess drying, you will want to provide the gardens with routine deep soaking. To keep your beds lush looking, the soil will need to be kept moist. Not to concern over wasted water as there won’t be run off as in traditional gardens.

3. Because the garden beds are raised, adding moisture saving mulching will require extra hoisting for the gardener. The easy thing is adding the black landscaping plastic or cloth to keep weeds at a minimum!

4. If you are planning to install an arbor, shed or a statue, consider which may obstruct the sun from the garden. The order of installation needs to be around the garage, statue, or privacy fencing to open up sufficient sun rays when deciding where to build the raised garden.

5. Also, it is a good idea to provide the top of the side walls with a 4 to 5 inch flat top ledge. The top rail is a great place to put the plants, garden tools, and your cups favorite beverage while tending to your gardening.

6. Plan ahead if relocating the beds may be an option in the future. Determine when constructing the bed boxes, if you want the screws on the inside which will be buried and get covered with soil and probably eventually become corroded. Consider building the raised garden beds with the extra sturdy lag screws are on the outside. If the lag screws are installed at each corner, the bed can easily be picked up and placed in a new location.

7. For your ease of assembly, there are a variety of kits on the market allowing assembly and disassembly more convenient. Installing bed boxes designed with railroad ties, timbers or any type of blocks, relocating will require a major project and more difficult than using redwood, cedar or plastic. garden beds

8. When implementing the composting methods, gardeners are able to use minimal tooling such as hand trowel, weeder, or spade, particularly if it is a square foot garden of around than 4 feet by 4 feet and around 8 inches high. Deeper beds height of over 12 inches, may drive you to use a rototiller to sustain the soil aeration and other soil properties.

As a gardener, your imagination will allow you to create your own signature on the look of the gardens. Raised gardens will provide focal points of your landscape!


Free Grant Money to Pay Utility Bills

Free grant money from the federal government is a welcome relief for many low income earners looking to pay their bills. There can be a huge list of necessary expenses in daily life that deprived people might find difficulty in paying off. If you own a home then you have the constant concern of the approaching date to shell out money for utility bills. Well great news! Now your worries are of the government or the state in which you reside. There are multiple free grant programs offering funds to help you pay your utility bills that never need to be paid back. Let’s take a tour through the article to find the grants that you can avail. Wall Insulation Grants

Grants Money to Apply For Paying Off Utility Bills

Just dealing with the costs of purchasing a home is not enough, you also need to deal with electricity, water, heating and cooling expenses which can generate a huge bill at times. It is in such cases that you need free money or funds in the form of grants to pay off the utility bills if you have limited money at your disposal. State, federal government, utility companies, non-profit organizations and accredited agencies offer help for the utility bills.

Government Grants

First look for help in your state or with the local authorities for special programs for utility bill assistance. All government grants are provided at the state and federal level. Let’s have a look at the grants.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Grant: it offers two categories of services: low income individuals can avail weatherization services for their homes for energy efficiency and/or receive funds to offset the cooling and heating costs.

LIHEAP Crisis Program: it provides assistance to low income families facing disconnection or those who have insufficient heating oil or fuel. The payouts are made directly to the energy company against the unpaid bills. The Weatherization Assistance Program: it provides services like weather stripping, energy saving measures, wall and attic insulation and minor home repairs to the eligible families that reduce bills and make homes energy efficient.

The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) families requiring finance to pay utility bills can get resources through HEAP to compensate for the heating-cooling bills.

Most states have laws that restrict utility companies from disconnecting service even if your payment is due. They also have individual programs that help with paying utility bills or reducing electricity bills through energy saving techniques.

Assistance by Utility Companies

Even utility companies extend a helping hand in your times of crisis.

They have various payment plans, energy assistance programs, weatherization programs, operation roundup, home energy audits, assistance with water bills through American Water initiated programs like Low-Income Payment plan and H2O – Help to Others. Moreover, they also offer aid through shareholders or community funded programs that provide credits to compensate for the bills or give cash assistance.

Non-profits, charities, and agencies also give away funds. Some prominent names to seek help from are: Community Action Agencies, The National Fuel Funds Network, Dollar Energy Fund, Salvation Family Emergency Services and others. Don’t be worried any more. Reduce your utility bills through upgraded products and weatherization assistance and get your free grant money to pay for utility bills today.


Healthy Living – Develop a Healthy Brain Program

Brain health is not something to take lightly, but yet many of us are so focused on other elements of our health we overlook this critical area. By taking care of your mental health, you are taking a major step in caring for your total health.

What can you do to avoid cognitive decline and keep your brain functioning at an optimal level? Here are four things to consider to help improve the long-term health of your brain through lifestyle changes and risk reduction strategies…

1. Nourish Your Brain. The first step to take is to make sure you are eating salmon on a regular basis – or some other form of omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are proven to help fend off depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and to generally help boost your cognition.

If you are not able to eat these foods for whatever reason or do not eat them often, consider taking an omega-3 supplement to ensure your needs are met.     visit  healthy living

2. Snack On Blueberries. Blueberries are another tasty addition to your eating plan as they contain potent antioxidants that will help combat cognitive decline and also help to prevent dementia from setting in.

Blueberries are also rich in dietary fiber, so may help to lower cholesterol levels, which in turn can reduce blood pressure and may help to prevent the risk of stroke.

They are also a sweet treat low in calories, making them ideal for those who are looking to prevent weight gain, which can have a negative influence on your brain health over time as well.

3. Make Sleep A Top Priority. Relax and sleep well. Sleep needs to be on top of your list if you are looking to boost your mental health. Do not take the need for sleep lightly. Not having enough sleep means your short-term memory may not be consolidated into long-term memory as well and also says your brain will not be able to rid the toxic build-up created during the day prior as well.

Ideally, you should be sleeping 7 to 8 hours each night. While you may feel you can get by on 6 hours, for the vast majority of the population, this is not long enough.

4. Learn Something New. Challenge your brain with new activities and wake up different areas of your brain. As adults, we rarely learn something new on a regular basis. Instead, we get caught up in the day-to-day of life, and unless our career forces us to gain further information or strategies regularly, we remain stagnant.

Learning something new on a daily basis is one way to reduce the natural progression of brain health.

There you have a few points to think about regarding brain health. Do not discount how important it is you are tending to this area of your health.


Fire Protection Services Rendered to the Needful

The quaint fireplace escape is simply not sufficient of a precaution when a constructing is below fireplace. Usually buildings have handful of fireplace extinguishers to guard the corporate from hazard however that’s simply not sufficient when the magnitude of fireplace is large. That is the time to understand that it’s higher to rent Hearth Safety Providers that may present all of the weak factors of the constructing, and provide the detailed resolution that will make the constructing fully fireplace proof. There are numerous passive methods used for safeguarding the constructing towards attainable hazards that has been utilized by many high firms to maintain their system safe from any attainable points that may disrupt their circulation of operations.  Be taught extra about fire retardant spray for wood.

There are numerous measures taken to forestall or maintain off a hearth to a sure space that has occurred inside a constructing. The procedures concerned in its course of has helped many corporations lower down the harm that might have been brought on, and likewise permit the occupants an opportunity to evacuate the constructing. The particular fireplace security doorways are put in to maintain excessive temperatures at a contained, and likewise maintain the dangerous gases from reaching the folks locked in a sure space. This one single security measure has saved many lives up to now, and folks trapped inside a room have stayed alive for a very long time as a result of the door held off the fireplace for a very long time.

There are different elements which might be put in whereas conducting Hearth Safety survey of the realm resembling sprinklers, alarms, and including fireplace extinguishers in key space. In sure areas, the place there’s quite a lot of electrical wiring, the standard fireplace preventing strategies won’t work as a result of if water is used to battle the fireplace then the potential for electrocution turns into inevitable. In such conditions, they should have sand buckets close to by to care for electrical fires that are excellent for slicing out the oxygen provide from the combustion course of.

There are different passive safety procedures like the usage of material flame retardant spray which is utilized over a chunk of fabric which can are available in contact with fireplace. This resolution provides the fabric the added resistance towards fireplace which in regular circumstances might catch fireplace immediately. It is a examined product that has helped many individuals keep away from horrible fires of their constructing. Hearth pillows are one other nice invention to cowl up these areas the place the doorways have an enormous hole between the ground, and the ceiling.