Fire Curtains

In recent homes and buildings, and those that were built in at least the last thirty years, you may find fire safety and security equipment such as fire and smoke curtains and fire, industrial and roller shutters. Many architects and contractors are preferring to use these in the homes and buildings they construct. When purchasing a home that contains this equipment, or if you have it installed, you want to be sure that the equipment has been manufactured and installed according to current fire and safety regulations. You will also want to be sure it is done by a company who is trustworthy.

The A1S group is fire curtains and fire shutter manufacturing and installation company that is in the United Kingdom and they have been in this business for over thirty years. They install fire safety and security equipment in homes and commercial buildings, as well as hospitals and schools. Other places that they have installed equipment include Scotland Yard, Wembley Stadium and the Bloomberg Building.


All equipment manufactured and installed by this company comes with a 12 month guarantee and after sales support. Their equipment meets all British standards and current fire and safety regulations and meets they highest levels of security and fire and safety protection. The A1S group is an ISO 9001 2015 company, as well as members of the reputable Door and Hardware Federation. If you live in the UK and in their service area, you should consider looking them up. For more information about their services and products, please visit their website at