Producer Tommy Brown Breaks Down Every Song He Produced on Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Album

“I reminded her of while we had a conversation and I said, ‘This goes to be your biggest album,'” Tommy Brown recalls of a text to Ariana Grande that spawned two weeks of musical therapy periods final October. TB Hits might pass on to supply five of the 12 tracks on the record-breaking thank u, next album, which includes the chart-smashing Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 singles “thank u, next” and “7 jewelry.” instrumentals for sale

The Pittsburgh native has seen Ari grow from teenager sensation to international celebrity, as Brown began operating with Grande even prior to her acclaimed Yours Truly debut in 2013. With the pop star emotionally ree​ling from the loss of ex-boyfriend Mac Miller and a extraordinarily publicized breakup with then-fiancé Pete Davidson, Grande boldly decided to interrupt the standard pop cycle and go back together with her Sweetener observe-up much less than six months later (Feb. Eight). Her ambitious move proved to be successful, as she occupied the top three spots at the Hot one hundred the subsequent week — a feat that hadn’t been finished considering that The Beatles.

“The whole plan became just to get out of sitting in the residence and throw some paint around, after which see what occurs,” Brown targeted. “We have been all going via a few matters at the time.” TB emphasizes that he’s very collaborative as a beatmaker, teaming with fellow Pittsburgh-bred duo Social House (Mikey & Scootie) on the production side, whilst becoming a member of forces with Grande’s proficient organization of writers that includes artists (and Grandie besties) Tayla Parx and Victoria Monét.

Ariana Grande, “7 rings”
Ariana Grande Claims Nos. 1, 2 & three on Billboard Hot one hundred, Is First Act to Achieve the Feat Since The Beatles in 1964
Below, discover the relaxation of our interview with Tommy Brown, wherein he breaks down every thank u, next music he had a hand in developing, having worlds collide within the studio with Ariana and a pair of Chainz, and a non-public DM that he obtained from Travis Scott when “SICKO MODE” turned into attempting to u.S.A. “thank u, subsequent” for the Hot 100 No. 1 spot closing November.

What became Ariana’s thoughts-set in shifting so quick from Sweetener to thank u, subsequent?

We had been speaking and it became a hard time with the entirety that became going on, specially with Mac Miller’s loss of life, and the whole thing else. We had been in New York, and I texted her, “I assume your next album is going to be your largest album.” She goes, “What makes you assert that?” Then I said, “I just have a feeling.” She solutions, “OK, you need to begin operating in October?”

I got here up with a few buddies and I think it become greater us getting inside the studio and having fun and doing therapy verses, instead of being like, “Hey, you want to get in here and in fact do an album?” We had been just writing songs approximately regular life and matters that were occurring. I notion, “These songs are truely sort of precise.” We had a strong basis of what we desired to do.

What variations do you note in Ariana’s creative method from operating with her at the start of her career via now?

I like how worried she is. I like how she tells her tale. She is available in and writes. A lot of artists just pass and feature the track already organized for them. With her, she comes in with standards, ideas and lyrics.

Do you are taking a special technique when running with a pop celebrity instead of a rapper?

My system is the identical. I keep a strong crew round me. A lot of the time, my component is actually based on already having a relationship with the artist. I’m pals with them first. I assume operating with each artist is specific of their own proper, due to the fact all of us has their very own creative procedure. I like to preserve the strength up and amusing.

Let’s get into a number of the tracks you produced on thank u, subsequent. Walk me thru the innovative procedure for the way “needy” got here collectively.

“Needy” is from a chord progression I had came up with awhile ago. A lot of instances, I take a seat at my piano and come up with chord progressions. When I came up with that one, I knew it changed into very special. I’ll then type of tuck it within the again of my mind. I’ll start rewriting and rearranging it in my mind. We had been within the studio and putting out, having a few champagne, after I began playing the chord progression, and [Tayla Parx], Victoria Monet and [Ariana Grande] started to give you lyrics. They got here and mashed that song. I feel like that turned into one of the fastest songs of the whole process. We did most of the statistics in weeks.

How approximately “NASA”?

“NASA” become a song that Scootie of Social House changed into operating on. He had the concept of a playful lure tune, however it is also hitting. I idea it become terrific. He played Ariana the record, and [Ariana], Tayla and Victoria attacked it. Sometimes, humans want space. There’s different dynamics of a relationship. Sometimes, I might want to relax and spend some time by myself. I think that’s the middle message, due to the fact lots of instances, in this era, human beings don’t take space too correct.

Would you assert the periods had been healing for Ariana following the breakup with Pete Davidson?

I might not necessarily say “NASA” changed into, however I assume every track we did turned into therapeutic. That’s what the whole plan turned into, simply to get out of sitting within the house and throw a few paint around and notice what takes place. We have been all going thru some matters at the time.

Let’s pass into “make up.”

I did that with every other one of the manufacturers [Brian Baptiste] I actually have. He became honestly in Texas on the time. I became like, “Hey, do you have got any thoughts?” He sent me this concept over and I turned into like, “This is great. Let’s build in this.” I performed it and that they went immediately into the booth and did it again. At this point, I was like, “They’re just going to hold writing awesome songs like this?” Some of the songs got here from beats, some got here from scratch with a legitimate. “7 rings” and “thank u, subsequent” got here from a valid. These amazing information have been being built from minimal production.

“7 rings” has had quite the run topping the charts.

It’s loopy that we’ve got been No. 1 for approximately the whole season among “7 jewelry” and “thank u, subsequent.” “7 earrings” started out with Scootie once again. He commonly doesn’t produce in the front of people. After that first aspect he performed at the keyboard, I become like, “Uh-oh, we are at the degree.” Ariana become like, “That’s it, permit’s write to that.” Mikey from Social House went in and brought drums. I made sure we had a alternate for the breakdown. It became this kind of collaborative attempt placing those information together. Ariana is one of these genius. She’s like, “Why do not we simply put the ‘7 rings’ sound at the start of the ‘thank u, subsequent’ video?”

Ariana turned into like, “Why don’t we’ve got breakfast at Tiffany’s?” I had no idea there has been a gap known as Tiffany’s. Everyone laughed after I requested what food they’ve. She bought all of the women earrings, and Njomza stated we need to make a tune about this. The idea turned into up and they all went loopy. Ariana sold the men rings after the experience too.

That’s were given to be one among her most hip-hop-leaning songs.

Yeah, I could say so. It become so loopy while she got here on there and rode the beat. I changed into like, “We were given a whole new man or woman here.”

Then, she were given 2 Chainz for the remix.

The humorous thing is, 2 Chainz changed into one of the first artists I ever labored with. With him being one of the first to her being the maximum a hit I’ve ever worked with, it’s insane to have them each inside the identical room, because I recognise of their special backgrounds. At first, Chainz desired me to send him the song, but I turned into like, “No, all of us must get within the studio together.” This became in Los Angeles, and it was honestly cultures meeting. I’ve gotten to peer each sides of those worlds.